Official Master Trainer Certification Examination

This Examination is designed to test candidates who have previously completed all required steps in the process of becoming certified as “DY HIT Master Trainer.”

The DY HIT Master Trainer Certification combines a thorough understanding of how the muscle groups of the body operate and function independently and as a group(s), but also serves to convey the scientific training principles taught by Dorian Yates.

The DY HIT Master Trainer Certification is awarded exclusively to individuals who possess a full comprehension of the DY HIT scientific foundation, principles and methodology and have been able to demonstrate their knowledge by achieving a passing grade on the DY HIT Master Trainer written exam, as well as demonstrating a high level of competency and understanding of DY HIT during the formal instruction component of the program.

The Title of “Master Trainer” is currently the highest and most exclusive level of certification offered by Dorian Yates High Intensity Training (DY HIT)


This is a closed book exam and candidates will be given one hour and thirty minutes to complete the exam.

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This quiz must be completed in 90 minutes.