Returns Policy

The Master Trainer Certification both allows (and requires) a tremendous opportunity to spend four days of personal one-on-one training sessions with six time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates, followed by successful completion of the DYHIT online examination.

The course certifications include passing:

– Practical Exam (demonstration of full comprehension of DYHIT training techniques performed at the new DY Gym in Marbella, Spain.


– Successful completion of the online exam

Passing Practical Exam + Passing Online Exam + Personal Approval from Dorian Yates = DYHIT Master Trainer

Passing Practical Exam + Passing Online Exam + Personal Approval from a DYHIT certified Master Trainer = DYHIT Personal Trainer

At any point, either during the training sessions, course completion, as well as at any point after a trainee becomes certified, Mr. Yates reserves the right to deny, cancel or revoke the status of any DYHIT Master Trainer, as Mr. Yates sees fit to do so, for any reason whatsoever.

We fully believe each and every trainee has the potential to learn the fundamental DYHIT principles, however, Mr. Yates values the DYHIT Master Trainer certification above all other Personal Trainer certifications and therefore understands that not all trainees who attempt becoming certified as a Master Trainer will be suitable as such.

As a results, Mr. Yates reserves the right to make his decision, at his discretion, at any point throughout, or even after the DYHIT certification process, for any reason whatsoever.

In the event the situation arises, the following steps will transpire:

– The DYHIT Master Trainer candidate will, if he/she is in the practical examination phase (training sessions at DY Gym) be refunded an amount of 50% of their course cost ($1000GBP) and will be responsible for their travel expenses and accommodations.

– If, after the examinations have been completed and the certificates awarded, any DYHIT Trainer (Master or Personal) displays behavior unfitting the ideal DYHIT Trainer such as reckless training techniques, negligent, rude unprofessional behavior on social media, in their own place of business or anywhere online, Mr. Yates reserves the right to revoke the DYHIT Trainer certification at will and the trainee will not be entitled to any compensation.

The DYHIT name and brand are an integral part of Dorian Yates’ continued vision for teaching proper strength training methodologies it is his goal to certify and teach motivated trainees around the world who exemplify professionalism and a love for the sport.

In the event the situation occurs, the individual will be contacted by DYHIT senior staff and be given written notice as to why these steps are being implemented.

Dorian Yates wishes everyone who wants to become DYHIT certified and looks forward to certifying as many aspiring trainees as possible through his new training certification

DYHIIT – Dorian Yates High Intensity Training