Pekka Timonen

Location: Kuopio, Finland
Skills: DY HIT Master Trainer, Physical & Nutritional Coach, Medical Doctor (MD), Biochemist (M.Sc.), IFBB amateur bodybuilder
Gym: TBA
Join Date: 2016-10-06
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Pekka Timonen is a DY HIT Master Trainer with a unique skill combination of 30 years of weight training experience and university degrees in both medicine and biochemistry. He has lots of experience in coaching bodybuilding and fitness competitors, as well as “normal” people who want to be in a great shape…and educating personal trainers and nutritional coaches since the year 2013 as the head coach of PowerTrainers, which he co-owns with his wife Taina Timonen (also a DY HIT Master Trainer). In September 2016 me and my wife Taina were trained and certified by Dorian Yates himself to become the first DY HIT Master Trainers in Finland. Dorian`s ideology and methods have been the foundation of my own training and coaching practise for years, even before this certification. I value the DY HIT Master Trainer certification above all other trainer certifications anywhere in the world. My dream has come true….now let`s get started with realising your goals & dreams ! International clients are also very welcome to be trained by me (or my wife Taina) in the land of northern Vikings, the icy & cold Kuopio, Finland. - The world needs “Blood & Guts”.

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