Taina Timonen

Location: Kuopio, Finland
Skills: DY HIT Master Trainer, Physical & Nutritional Coach, IFBB Official Coach, IFBB Body Fitness competitor
Gym: TBA
Join Date: 2016-10-06
Trainer E-Mail: info@powertrainer.fi


I have 30 years of experience in gym/weight training. The major improvements to my training techniques, intensity and physique really started 3 years ago when I met my husband Pekka Timonen (also a DY HIT Master Trainer). With Pekka we co-own the coaching company PowerTrainers and have been coaching people & athletes at all levels (from bodybuilding/fitness competitors to “normal” people who want to be in a great shape) since the year 2013. As a trainer I am demanding. High intensity training is a major part of the game, but I always also consider and advice in the ways of nutrition, visualization, injury prevention etc. With my husband, we have made miracles happen with our client`s physiques, as well as in our own physique development. At my current young age of 53, I am in much better shape now that I was as a 25-30 years old hard training athlete. Within the last 3 years I have gained an amazing 15 kilograms of solid muscle (body weight: up from 60 kg to 67 kg, subcutaneous fat layer: decreased to ¼). Me and my husband Pekka`s big dream was fulfilled when we were trained and certified as DY HIT Master Trainers by the King of Bodybuilding Dorian Yates. As proud members of Team DY HIT, we guaranteed that we will do our very best that you also will be able realise your dreams.

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