Jon Gould

Location: Washington, D.C Area
Skills: Personal Trainer
Gym: Snap Fitness
Join Date: 2016-03-07
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Born and raised in Centreville, Virginia I have been personal training since 2007. Started my own personal training business in 2013. My interest in fitness started as a young boy and grew into a passion through the years. As a kid I played soccer, football, lacrosse, and wrestled. I was a competitive bodybuilder 20010-2013, competing in four shows and two jnr nationwide shows. Because of a shoulder injury, I stopped competing and concentrated on training competitive athletes. I think outside the box and use tools around me to provide clients with a greater knowledge of exercises and workout variations. I customize my training style for each individual and provide strategies to keep the body guessing throughout workouts. My training includes teaching my clients combinations of diet tactics and supplementation. I understand the challenges of daily life that can make it difficult for many people to add exercise and proper nutrition into their lifestyle. I provide positive reinforcement to everyone I work with of all ages from youth to senior citizens. I have made a difference in everyone\'s lives that I have come into contact with, whether it be for help with an injury, flexibility, losing body fat, increasing their cardiovascular endurance or gaining muscle shape and size. I am well versed in the variety of angles and positions to use to avoid injuries and maximize sets and tension in target muscles. I have experience in handling injuries and helping with some rehabilitation for areas including lower back, shoulder, hips and knees. I\'ve had my own injuries, and they have helped me to better understand the functions of the body and other peoples functional issues.I have always enjoyed helping people and working out. Working in this industry has been very rewarding. it gives me a great feeling of accomplishment after working with a client to hear the positive feedback about how they never knew the specifics of creating healthy eating habits or how someone has gained confidence after doubting him or herself. Sometimes the simple thank you of correcting someone\'s form on an exercise makes my day. I enjoy the variety of people, personalities and their individual needs as well as different aspects of training between people with desk jobs to bodybuilders.

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